Photo of the day – Jun. 02, 2013

The statue of spiritual leader Sri Chinmoy was partially submerged in water from the rising Vltava River in Prague Sunday. Authorities in parts of central Europe issued disaster warnings and worked to reinforce flood defenses after days of heavy rains. (David W. Cerny/Reuters)


Photo of the day – Feb. 23, 2013

“Athens, Greece — A woman takes refuge from flooding.” PETROS GIANNAKOURIS / AP

Photo of the day – Feb. 22, 2013

“A woman is rescued from floodwaters by a man standing on top of her car during heavy rain in the Chalandri suburb, north of Athens, Greece, on Feb. 22, 2013.” John Kolesidis / Reuters

Photo of the day – Feb. 10, 2013

“Islamabad, Pakistan: A child, whose family was displaced by 2010 floods from a village in Sindh province, sits on a wooden cart outside her family’s makeshift home.” Muhammed Muheisen/AP